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Day +26: Freedom!

May need a wall of fame in the apartment.

May need a wall of fame in the apartment.

It’s true, I’m going home first thing Monday morning.

After a week that felt like a month, in which my crucial white blood count (WBC) stalled out at 0.3 for three days (and only crept up by 0.1 for the next two days)–over the past few days, it’s EXPLODED!

The WBC moved from 0.5 to 1.1 Friday, then up to 2.0 Saturday, before vaulting all the way up to 5.6 (!!!) today. At the same time, my neutrophil counts (the main disease-fighting immune cells, and my doctor’s main criteria for discharge) jumped from 0.5 to 1.2 to 3.6. Much of this was stimulated by a nightly Neupogen shot, but the effects were far greater than when I’d previously had the shot, as an outpatient.

I still can’t believe it. The huge jump today means that my immune system counts are actually in the NORMAL range, for the first time since before I had Severe Aplastic Anemia! I’m going to walk out of the hospital a healthier man than I walked in, and it’s only going to get better from here.

My other important counts are also doing well: Hemoglobin is staying about the same, and platelets have started to creep up on their own. The upshot: I haven’t required a blood or platelet transfusion in over a week.

I still have a ways to go, but this is a HUGE step. I have too many thoughts and emotions to try and get it all down, plus I’m completely exhausted, so I’ll use my preferred shorthand: Youtube videos.

Many times this month, I felt like the grape stomp lady at the end of this video:

But after a month of chemo, transplant, constant IV drips, alarms, and a whole host of hospital denizens poking and torturing me at every turn, I’m about to leave the hospital feeling like this kid:

So while I’d love to leave you all with an inspiring speech, I’m pretty sure the kid nailed it…so I’ll just be gettin’ myself fired up to style and profile outta here tomorrow, just like the Nature Boy:

I’ll write some more about what it’s been like, but only after I take a nap for like a year.

Thumbs up, everybody, for rock and roll!



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